tax service oahuWe promise to make your tax needs our primary concern.

We have thoughtfully prepared thousands of individual, family, sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporate business tax returns. We also have extensive experience with handling audits and representing taxpayers before the IRS.

Our clients become like family to us – and no one gets left behind.

Tax Services Oahu

From Tod:

Tod Marcus EA

“I have the fundamental tax solutions you need and the desire to help you”

I came a long way to develop my skills and open a tax practice, and I’m not looking just to make a quick buck and move on. I wish instead to establish a great clientele that comes back to work with me each year.

My business plan is simple – I care greatly and sincerely to meet the tax support needs for all clients.

I have the fundamental solutions you need and the desire to help you. I am happy to have this empathy and enthusiasm – as I’m not sure it could otherwise be faked.

Applying the business principle of “caring” has been working (go figure). The firm has seen rapid growth and I have developed great relationships with my clients.

If you give me a chance, I’m sure my business ethics will build your trust over time.

On a more personal level, I simply wish to be successful enough to buy a house in Honolulu. I love being my own boss and surfing in the mornings before work. Also, my wife is bugging me to have kids, haha!

Hawaii Local Tax Services with “No Tricks”

tax preparation services

Our goal is to develop your trust over time – not just to make “a quick buck”. We treat our clients with ohana – no one gets left behind.

When you contact us about your taxes, you won’t be met with any pushy and tricky sales tactics used by the mainland companies. They are generally nothing but bad deals for customers – which to us is a conflict of interest. Not to mention all of the up-selling and cross-selling going on as your taxes are completed.

We find that locals (and military residents) can see right though these tactics anyway. It alienates their trust. It seems to us that this marketing style clashes so harshly with our local culture that they probably end up actually  losing business because of it.

Have you ever seen the person on the side of the road dressed up like the Statue of Liberty? We don’t know about you but this makes us feel a little disappointed. They are standing out there in the sun earning minimum wages. Our first instinct is to bring these workers a bottle of cold water and a plate. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who feels this way.

Their fees over there are higher than what we charge too, and the preparers are (mostly) less experienced. They pay their preparers a tiny portion of what they charge and the rest of the money goes right to Wall Street. It’s very frustrating.

If you contact us about your tax situation, you won’t be faced with any of these games.  Instead you will simply find that we are a tax firm who is ready to listen to your concerns, charge a reasonable price, and do a good job for you accordingly. No tricks.

We are a simple, easy, and affordable solution to your tax filing needs.

Finding a Good Tax Preparer

The difference in quality between tax preparers can be dramatic – especially when it comes to maximizing your refund. We look at it as if it is our job to get as much back for you as possible while still keeping you trouble-free when it comes to tax code compliance and the IRS. We take both of these aspects very seriously.

Also, when you do your taxes by yourself (usually in an attempt to save money), you can end up missing out on legitimate deductions and taking ones that you are not entitled to. Both of these mistakes will cost you in the long run.

When it comes to keeping your information secure, we do a great job with that too. We’ve witnessed many careless actions from some of the employees that we’ve worked with at the big firms.

Local Family Tax Services in Honolulu and for all of Oahu

Individual, family and business tax matters are our specialties. We have built my practice around offering high quality tax return preparation services for locals and the military with lower fees than the big mainland companies.

Let’s keep as much of your money as we can within the family rather than on Wall Street or Capitol Hill.

Sleep well at night knowing that we will prepare your tax return with accuracy and integrity.

Our Prices – Exceptional Quality at Reasonable Cost

Our firm’s policy is to provide a discount from regional average prices – despite a high demand for our service and the high quality level of our service. This business model is designed to offer great value to our clients.


Please note that we do not take clients who want to write off bogus deductions or wish to hide income.  If this is you then we are not a good match. Respectfully, we ask that you find another tax service.

If you are behind on your taxes, however, we can help!

It’s actually somewhat common to be in this spot – and it’s usually because of not having a good tax preparer to begin with. If this is you – don’t stress out. Give us a call and we will help you get caught up.

Home Ownership

Given the high cost of living in Hawaii, most local families that own their homes posses big mortgages. From a tax perspective, this is good news. Home owners often get to write off mortgage interest, property taxes, points paid to originate a loan, and even mortgage insurance costs. These deductions allow taxpaying families to itemize deductions, making other common tax write-offs possible. You can count on us to ask all of the right questions to make sure that we include your deductions in order to maximize your refund.

Education Credits

Many of our Keiki are growing up fast and going to college. At Tax Services Oahu, we make sure that you optimize your educational tax credits. Most of the time it’s best for the parents to claim these credits, but not always. We promise to take the time to figure out which is the absolute best way for your family to file.

We also help advise how to keep track of your education expenses that we claim just in case the IRS requests substantiation (they sometimes do that when it comes to education credits).

Hawaii Tax Situations – Dependents

The tax code was not specifically written to coincide with the concept of “ohana” that runs so deep in Hawaiian Culture. This honorable native influence has poured generously into the modern resident demographic, regardless of ethnic origin. We take care of each other (even strangers) at levels unmatched by mainland states.

When it comes to tax purposes, however, the tests involved with claiming dependents can be complicated and confusing. You can count on me to decipher the best way to file. My goal is to maximize your deductions and credits while still adhering carefully to the tax code. This way you get the biggest refund check possible, but we all can still sleep at night.

At Tax Service Oahu, we only complete tax returns that we know to be ethical. When it comes to claiming those who we take care of we must be very careful to remain within the law.  If you are looking to get away with things that you know to be wrong, it’s probably best please that you  find another tax preparer. No deal. I mean this respectfully.

Rental Property In Hawaii

Here is another area in which we have experience. We offer affordable tax preparation when it comes to including your rental information on your tax returns.

Have you been blowing off your Hawaii GE Tax? Enforcement is unpleasant and has been on the rise. We can help you get back on track with that. It’s easy – and you will rest better knowing that you have taken care of it.

Many less experienced tax preparers do not know how to depreciate your rental properly (or at all). This is a massive tax mistake that can cost you thousands in tax benefits. Did you know that you get a very large depreciation deduction on your rental every year? This can potentially increase your yearly refund significantly (thousands) and if you don’t take it, you lose it.

Also, if you go to sell your rental property, you have to recapture that depreciation – even if you didn’t take it! We’ve seen so many IRS letters with enormous tax bills because the tax preparer did not recapture the depreciation – and it’s too late at this point to claim it in past years. This is just one example of why you should not have your taxes done by an under-qualified tax professional.

Hawaii Local Business Tax Preparation Services

Experts stress the importance of good business tax advice – especially when a business is just starting out.

The problem is, who can afford high caliber professional advice at this stage in business?

It is my goal to solve that problem. I structure my small and start-up business tax service prices to give the local small business owner a huge break when they need it most.

Hawaii General Excise Tax (GE Tax) Services Oahu

If you operate a business or rent property, you are responsible to pay Hawaii GE Tax (general excise tax). This is done by applying for a license and filling out the appropriate GE Tax forms either monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually – depending on how much in GE Tax you have to pay.

Contact us if you want help getting started with paying Hawaii General Excise Tax.

Payroll Services Oahu

Hiring employees? Payroll Services Oahu provides personalized payroll services for local small businesses starting as low as $59. Includes state forms. Free consultation.

IRS letter or notice – everything you need to know

There is likely no need to be alarmed, but you need to act fast. Typically, the IRS gives you 21 days to respond to the letter. If you miss this deadline they will make their ruling without your side of the story. This can sometimes cost you money.

Tax Services Oahu offers free consultations for locals and military – explaining the IRS notice and offering experienced advice on what might be your best course of action.

Late Tax Filing and Filing Extensions

Do not blow off your taxes! You might miss out on years of future credits and benefits. File for your refund each year on time before you are no longer able to amend the incomplete tax returns. Remain in good standing with the IRS.

If you owe money to the IRS and you are getting behind please feel free to call and talk to me. I can answer your questions and offer my experienced opinion the best course of action going forward. Everything we discuss will remain completely private. No charge for the call, and no tricks.

Filing extensions. Did you know that filing and extension with the IRS allows you to file late but you still have to pay any taxes expected to be due by the initial deadline? If you do not send in a check with the extension you will still be penalized. An extension is because you do not have information to complete the tax return, not because you don’t have the money to pay.

So what can you do if you can’t pay you taxes? At least file! Why? Because the penalty for not paying is very small – but the penalty for not filing is huge.

Hawaii’s Best Tax Preparers Reveal What You Must Know About Your Taxes

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