We promise to make your tax needs our primary concern.

We have thoughtfully prepared thousands of individual, family, sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporate business tax returns. We also have extensive experience with handling audits and representing taxpayers before the IRS.

Our clients become like family to us – and no one gets left behind.

Tax Services Oahu

From Tod:

Tod Marcus EA

“I have the fundamental tax solutions you need and the desire to help you”

I came a long way to develop my skills and open a tax practice, and I’m not looking just to make a quick buck and move on. I wish instead to establish a great clientele that comes back to work with me each year.

My business plan is simple – I care greatly and sincerely to meet the tax support needs for all clients.

I have the fundamental solutions you need and the desire to help you. I am happy to have this empathy and enthusiasm – as I’m not sure it could otherwise be faked.

Applying the business principle of “caring” has been working (go figure). The firm has seen rapid growth and I have developed great relationships with my clients.

If you give me a chance, I’m sure my business ethics will build your trust over time.

On a more personal level, I simply wish to be successful enough to buy a house in Honolulu. I love being my own boss and surfing in the mornings before work. Also, my wife is bugging me to have kids, haha!


Finding a Good Tax Preparer

The difference in quality between tax preparers can be dramatic – especially when it comes to maximizing your refund. We look at it as if it is our job to get as much back for you as possible while still keeping you trouble-free when it comes to tax code compliance and the IRS. We take both of these aspects very seriously.

Also, when you do your taxes by yourself (usually in an attempt to save money), you can end up missing out on legitimate deductions and taking ones that you are not entitled to. Both of these mistakes will cost you in the long run.

When it comes to keeping your information secure, we do a great job with that too. We’ve witnessed many careless actions from some of the employees that we’ve worked with at the big firms.