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Do You Need a Business Tax Consultation?


Most business owners have either read or heard, “you must get yourself a good business tax accountant right away”. But this doesn’t help with “where to find one” or “being able to afford one”.


business tax servicesFor business clients, we offer a 60 minute appointment, in person, where we discuss the in-depth tax needs of your business and address your questions and concerns (if our meeting goes to 90 minutes, we do not charge extra, we are not watching the clock).

This business tax consultation includes information on bookkeeping, tax deductions, GE Taxes, estimated tax planning, entity organization, tax mitigation, and includes a question and answer session. It’s like a one on one Hawaii Business Tax “clinic” designed to get you quickly and  fully up to speed.

For new clients (if you are not already our client), we charge $150 for this consultation.

Call 808 744 5314 for an appointment.

Our time for new clients becomes limited as deadlines approach. Please contact us early so we can be sure to help you.

Why do we charge a fee for business tax consultations?

We used to provide this for free, actually, but it turned out that clients would just use us for free advice and go back to  their “unresponsive” tax preparer to file their taxes. The very same professional that ignored their questions. Which is why they came to us in the first place. So we would do all of the work and the “unresponsive professional” would make all of the revenue. This obviously did not work out well for us, considering that it costs us over $100 per hour in payroll and overhead just to open the door. You’re in business, I’m sure you understand that aspect of “the struggle”.

We want to be as up front and honest as possible about our business tax services and this consultation, so here are some quick notes and details about this offer:

  • The retainer is not refundable. If we spend an hour and a half helping someone, we have to recover our time costs.
  • We do not offer these consultations in February, March, or April. OMG – that’s during tax time!

If you think you might want to hire us to help prepare your taxes, please contact us here.  Our email is and our phone number is 808-744-5314. Aloha.

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