Our tax preparation fees are based on complexity. We charge by the form.

One percent of all sales go to local and global charities.

Base Forms Only* Our Rate SALE
Federal 1040EZ from $109* from $89*
Federal Single from $179* from $149*
Federal Married Filing Jointly from $229 from $189*
Partnership – Corporation from $549* from $459*
*State Tax Returns (with Federal Return) $79 each $59 each
*Additional Schedules Our Rate
Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) $29
Schedule B (Interest – Dividends) $19
Schedule C-EZ (Simple 1099 Income) $39
Schedule C (Sole Proprietor Business) $139
Schedule D (Investment Income) $29
Schedule D (active trader) $139
Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit) $79
Schedule E (Rental Property) $59 each
Schedule F (Farm) $139
*Additional Forms Our Rate
Form 1040NR (Non Resident Alien) $139 (additional)
Form 1116 (Foreign Tax Credit)  $79
Form 2106 (Emp. Bus. Expenses) $19
Form 2441 (Child Care Credit) $19
Form 2555 (Foreign Income Exclusion) $79
Form 5471 (Foreign Corp. Reporting) $459
Form 6251 (Alternative Minimum Tax) $29
Form 8938 (Foreign Accounts)  $79 (up to 5 accounts)
Form G45/G49 (Hawaii GE Tax) $79 each
Form TA1/TA2 $79 each
State Tax Returns Without Federal from $119*

All clients receive free e-file and free year-around support with the IRS (representation before the IRS is additional).

Our time for new clients becomes limited as deadlines approach. Please contact us early so we can be sure to help you!


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