Premium Tax Services – Inclusive Prices

Our prices are “inclusive”.

For a set price, you receive many tax support services (see below).

Please note that our turnaround time can be as much as 6 weeks around the deadlines. Clients operating within that time frame will likely require an extension.

Services that are not included or provided

  • Bookkeeping services. Clients must provide one final and categorized P&L or fill out our simple worksheets – this includes rental property activity and personal items like medical expenses and charity. We charge additionally If the client refuses to fill out the provided worksheets and organizers. The tax preparer will not extract, interpret, sum, or merge data from receipts, ledgers, bank statements, or other documents that are not fully completed and categorized financial statements. The tax preparer may or may not be able to provide bookkeeping services for $150/hour on a case-by-case basis depending on the tax preparer’s workload.
  • Annual business registration. The client does this through Hawaii Business Online – it takes 5 minutes.
  • Support, advice, representation, amended returns, penalty abatement, or tax balance support for tax years for which we did not serve as the preparer or for services in which the client has not engaged.
  • IRS or state tax installment or payment plans (the client can apply online or call the IRS/State), IRS form 433, 433a, 433b, etc. or “offers in compromise”.
  • *FBAR reports and other non-US activity reporting requirements.
  • Letters to lenders (we are not able to write these under any circumstances). Also not included are audits or attestations to financial statements, business valuations, the ability for a business to continue/sustain operations, or self-employment status (these are specialized services for which the client will need to engage elsewhere).
  • Communications with third parties, to obtain or provide documents or other information. An exception may be communications with financial advisors.
  • Written tax advice or tax advice via email.
  • Processing, form completion, and record keeping of payroll-related payments to third parties such as retirement account deposits, child support payments, prevailing wage, garnishments, or union payments.
  • Applications or support for economic relief, unemployment, or other government benefits or programs during times of economic downturns or disasters.

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