Our Fees

Please note that our turnaround time can be several weeks around the deadlines during tax season (and extension season).

Our income tax preparation fees are based on complexity. We charge by the form.

Please also read our our terms of service carefully to see what is included and what is not included (click here).

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Base rates
See below for additional fees for schedules and forms*
Reduced rates for non EA and online-only services
EA preparer
In-person or online services directly from an EA (Tod Marcus)
Single, no dependentsfrom $200from $400
Single, with dependentsfrom $300From $500
Married, no dependentsfrom $300from $500
Married, with dependentsfrom $400from $600
Married Filing Separatelyfrom $400from $600
One state included. For additional state add:$100 each$100 each
*Fees for Additional SchedulesOur Fee (add to base rate)
Schedule C (Sole Proprietor/Business/Self Employed)$150 / $300 / $450**
Schedule D (Capital Gains and Losses / Sale of Home)$50 / $150 / $300**
Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit)$150
Schedule E (Rental Property)$150 for one, then $75 for each additional
* Additional Forms, Situations, and Data ManagementOur Fee (add to base rate)
Form K1 entry$20 each
Form 8283 (non-cash charity deduction exceeding $500)$50
Form 8379 (injured spouse – with tax return only)$50
Form 8606 (IRA conversions or non-taxable IRA basis)$50
Form 5695 / N342 / 8936 (solar or electric car credits)$100
Military Spouse Relief Act$100
Form 1116 (foreign tax credit)$100
Form 2555 (foreign income exclusion)$100
Form 1040 for dependents (with parent’s tax return only)$150
Form 4797 (sale of rental property)$150 each
FINCEN Form 114 (FBAR Report)$150 (up to 5 accounts, $10 each additional account)
Form 8938 (foreign specified assets)$150 up to 5 accounts, $10 each additional account
Married Filing Separately in community property state $200
Form 8824 (like kind exchange)$300 each (EA only)
Form 3115 (change of accounting method)$350 (with tax return only, EA only)
Form 709 Gift Tax Return (with tax return only)From $400 each (EA only)
Data management assistance (adding of receipts, journals, bank statements, unorganized data, if client refuses to fill out simple organizers, etc.)$200/hr
Advanced Tax Returns – Includes One StateEA Prepared Only
S Corporation or Partnership$750-$2400
Trust or EstateFrom $600
Additional State (Business or Trust)$150 each

Please also read ALL of our our terms of service carefully to see what is included and what is not included (click here).

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**Depends on complexity

Our time for new clients becomes limited as deadlines approach. Please contact us early so we can be sure to help you.

We add 4.712% for Hawaii General Excise Tax

Please note that this is not a complete list of fees. There are other less common forms and services for which we charge additionally.