S Corp Tax Preparation

S corp tax preparation is not rocket surgery.

Yet the average price for s corp tax preparation is $809.

It’s ridiculous.

We can help

We can prepare your s corp tax return securely online or in person – it’s up to you.

With the experience of over 1000 tax returns filed every year, we can guide you through this and file your s corporation tax return quickly and easily.

Our plan

1) Contact us for a quote.

2) Upload your documents securely online or drop them off in person.

3) Review your prepared s corp tax return securely online and “click” to sign, or come in to finalize them in person.

4) We e-file for you, and it’s done.

It’s that easy.

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S Corp Tax Preparation – Our Prices

We charge from $809 $500 plus tax* for form 1120s s corp tax return.

Includes one state s corp tax return.

*Additional state tax returns are $90 each.

*Includes most 1120s corp tax returns with gross sales less than $1,000,000 and 10 shareholders qualify for this price.

*We charge additionally for a few other schedules and forms that are not listed here, and we charge hourly for those who need extra time and attention.

*Bookkeeping is not included. S corp and partnership tax preparation at these prices will require a simple but completed profit and loss (categorized income and expense) report.

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We will guide you

s corporation tax return

My name is Tod A Marcus, and I’m an EA.

I recently made 51 years old and I have been preparing taxes since I was a teenager helping my father, who is a CPA.

I care greatly for my clients and I will give you my best.

What is an EA?

EA stands for “Enrolled Agent”. It is an  elite status and the highest credential awarded by the IRS. Enrolled agents have unlimited practice rights before the IRS, just like CPAs and attorneys.

Click here to read more about IRS Enrolled Agents (opens in a new tab).

EAs can be varified on the IRS website here (opens in a new tab).

Who we are

We are a real brick and mortar business in Honolulu Hawaii serving local clients. We are a firm of 5 employees. You can call to talk to us anytime during normal business hours:

(808) 744-5314 (office)

(877) 296-1728 (fax)

3049 Ualena Street Suite #415

Honolulu, HI 96819

Please feel free to check out our reviews on Yelp and Google Business.

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Here’s more about the data we will need to prepare your s corp tax return

First we’ll need your most previously filed s corp or partnership tax return. This helps greatly with data entry and for accuracy.

We will also need some very basic information about the partners or shareholders. This includes data like names, addresses, tax identification numbers, and “share” of the business. Much of this is on the previous year’s tax return, unless something has changed for the current year.

The tough part is that we will need a P&L (profit and loss) report.

You can’t just hand us raw data like stacks of invoices, bank statements, or journals of expenses. The activity must be categorized.

Actually, you can give us just statements, but you must engage with us for bookkeeping services and we charge additionally for the work. Bookkeeping services are not included in our tax preparation fees.

The profit and loss report you provide to us does not have to be fancy, but it must contain a categorized list of the income and expenses of the business for the tax year.

A P&L is not so difficult to create, but it can be time consuming to go through all of the companies expenses for the year prepare an accurate one.

It would help with the accuracy of your tax preparation if you also provide the IRS FEIN letter, articles of organization, an operating agreement, (as applicable) and the s corporation election form 2553 (as applicable). We can proceed without them if necessary, but filing accuracy may be diminished.

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