Our Fees

Our tax preparation fees are based on complexity. We charge by the form.

One percent of all sales go to local and global charities.

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*We charge additionally for a few other schedules and forms that are not listed here, and we charge hourly for those who need extra time and attention.

**Depends on complexity

***A discounted rate applies to clients with more than one rental

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Our time for new clients becomes limited as deadlines approach. Please contact us early so we can be sure to help you.

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    I need individual income tax servicesI need help with multiple yearsI need corporation, s corporation or partnership tax servicesI need trust tax servicesI need Hawaii General Excise Tax returnsI need tax advice for my new businessI have questions about s corporationsHelp, I'm being audited

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    *Business tax return quotes for corporate, partnership, Schedule C, Schedule F, etc., are base prices only for simple small-business tax situations. These rates do not include bookkeeping. If your business tax situation is complex or requires extra time, we do charge additionally by the hour. We let our clients know well in advance if this proves to be likely.

    We add 4.712% for Hawaii General Excise Tax

    Please note that this is not a complete list of fees. There are other less common forms and services for which we charge. Please contact us for a quote.