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Tax preparation services for Honolulu and All of Oahu.


Do not stress about completing your taxes. We can get this done and it is generally a simple process.

We have thoughtfully prepared thousands of individual, family, and business tax returns. We also have extensive experience with handling audits and representing taxpayers before the IRS.

Put our commitment and experience to work for you and your tax worries will be behind you.

1% of all gross sales go to local and global charity.

Inclusive Tax Services in Honolulu and for All of Oahu

Individual, family, and business tax matters are our specialties. We have built our firm around offering high quality tax return preparation services for Hawaii residents.

Our rates are inclusive. We provide caring, “go to” support for all tax issues and financial questions for our clients all year long.

We take this aspect of our services very seriously. Our clients count on us for answers and solutions to life’s tough questions.

We also include tax and wealth planning strategies and our goal is to maximize your legitimate deductions and credits.

Let’s keep as much of your money as we can within the family rather than on Wall Street or Capitol Hill.

Sleep well at night knowing that we will prepare your tax returns and provide year-around support with accuracy and integrity.

Premium Tax Services at a Flat Cost

Our firm’s mission is to provide a high quality level of tax services with year-around support for a simple and up front rate. This business model is designed to offer value to our clients that they can’t get elsewhere.

High Integrity

It is also our job to keep you out of hot water with the IRS and the Hawaii Department of Taxation.

We are known to be a firm with high expectations of accuracy and integrity.

We do not take aggressive positions, nor will we take part in any plan that seeks to file wrongfully to gain a benefit of any sort.

Please note that we do not take clients who want to write off bogus deductions, take aggressive positions, want to scheme “the systems” in any way, or wish to hide income.  If this is you then we are not a good match. Respectfully, we ask that you find another tax service.

Oahu Local Tax Services – “No Tricks”

When you contact us about your taxes, you won’t be met with any pushy and tricky sales tactics used by the mainland companies. They are generally nothing but bad deals for customers – which to us is a conflict of interest. Not to mention all of the up-selling and cross-selling going on as your taxes are completed.

We find that clients can see right though these tactics anyway. It is an obvious alienation of their trust. It seems to us that this marketing style clashes so harshly with traditional and modern Hawaii culture that they probably end up actually losing business because of it.

Have you ever seen the person on the side of the road dressed up like the Statue of Liberty? We don’t know about you but this makes us feel a little disappointed. They are standing out there in the sun earning minimum wages while making more profits for the big corporations. Our first instinct is to bring these workers a bottle of cold water and a plate. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who feels this way.

The fees at these firms are generally very similar to what we charge, and the preparers are (mostly) less experienced.

Look, I don’t want to come across as arrogant, I’m sure there are some really good one’s over there. But these companies pay their preparers a tiny portion of what they charge you and the rest of the money goes right to Wall Street. It’s very frustrating.

Then, they are forced to push all kinds of products on you so the corporation can squeeze out as much profit as possible from you. I worked at one of these big corporations, and the pressure to sell these things was so stressful, I saw employees literally breaking down in tears over management’s reviews of their “numbers” and how they would literally be fired if they didn’t improve them. One of them worked there for over 15 years.

It was awful. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I couldn’t wait to leave to start my own firm and compete with these companies.

Now that I run my own ship, I do not push credit cards, life insurance, expensive financial plans, credit protection, or other non-tax related items on our clients. Period.

If you come to us to prepare your taxes, you won’t be met with any of these games. Instead you will simply find that we are a tax firm that is ready to listen to your concerns and do a good job for you accordingly. Let’s get your taxes done with as little stress as possible.

No tricks.

We are a simple and easy solution to your tax filing needs.

Business Tax Preparation Services

Experts stress the importance of good business tax advice – especially when a business is just starting out.

The problem is, where can you get this type of help? Most CPA’s won’t even talk to you if you are not their clients (or some even if you ARE their clients, LOL).

It is our goal to solve that problem. We structure small and start-up business tax service prices to include giving the small business owner a supportive year-around lifeline.

We also offer a consultation to those who need help but our not yet our clients. We do charge a fee for this, but the value we present is monumental. Contact us if you need one – we will teach you all of the essentials that you need to know.

Home Ownership

Given the high cost of living in Hawaii, most local families that own their homes posses big mortgages. From a tax perspective, this often creates some good deductions. Home owners often get to write off mortgage interest, property taxes, points paid to originate a loan, and even mortgage insurance costs.

These deductions allow taxpaying families to itemize deductions, making other common tax write-offs possible. You can count on us to ask all of the right questions to make sure that we include your deductions in order to maximize your refund.

Even if you do not itemize deductions on your federal tax return, it might make sense to itemize on the state tax return.

We do not charge additionally for itemized deductions. It’s included in the price.

Education Credits

Many of our Keiki are growing up too fast and going off to college. At Tax Services Oahu, we make sure that we optimize your educational tax credits. Most of the time it’s best for the parents to claim these credits, but not always. We promise to take the time to figure out which is the absolute best way for your family to file.

We also help advise how to keep track of your education expenses that we claim just in case the IRS requests substantiation (they sometimes do that when it comes to education credits).


Let me take a moment to compliment the concept of “ohana” that runs so deep in Hawaiian Culture.

This honorable native influence has poured generously into the modern resident demographic, regardless of ethnic origin. Even in this day, residents of all backgrounds honor Hawaiians with they way that we take care of each other (even strangers) at levels unmatched by the mainland states.

It’s really an honor and a blessing to live here.

It’s also expensive to live here, and we will get you all of the child tax credit as you are entitled.

When it comes to tax purposes, the tests involved with claiming dependents can be complicated and confusing. You can count on us to decipher the best way to file.

Our goal is to maximize your deductions and credits while still adhering carefully to the tax code. This way you get the biggest refund check possible, but we all can still sleep at night.

Occasionally, we encounter individuals who wish to claim dependents that are not legitimate claims. When it comes to claiming those who we take care of we must be very careful to remain within the law.  If you are looking to get away with things that you know to be wrong, it’s probably best please that you  find another tax preparer. No deal.

We mean this respectfully, but if this is what you are seeking, then we are not a good match.

Rental Property In Hawaii

Here is another area in which we have experience.

Have you been blowing off your Hawaii GE Tax? Enforcement is unpleasant and has been on the rise. We can help you get back on track with that. It’s easy – and you will sleep better knowing that you have taken care of it.

Some less experienced tax preparers do not know how to depreciate your rental properly (or know to do it at all). This is a massive tax mistake that can cost you thousands in tax benefits. Did you know that you get a very large depreciation deduction on your rental every year? This can potentially increase your yearly refund significantly (thousands) and if you don’t take it, you lose it.

Also, if you go to sell your rental property, you have to recapture that depreciation – even if you didn’t take it! We’ve seen IRS letters with enormous tax bills because the tax preparer did not recapture the depreciation – and it’s too late at this point to claim it in past years (through there may be some options).

This is just one example of why you should not have your rental taxes done by an under-qualified tax professional.

Hawaii General Excise Tax (GE Tax) Services Oahu

If you operate a business, are self employed, or if you rent property, you are likely responsible to pay Hawaii GE Tax (general excise tax). This is done by applying for a license and filling out the appropriate GE Tax forms either monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually – depending on how much in GE Tax you have to pay.

Contact us if you want help getting started with paying Hawaii General Excise Tax.

Payroll Services

Hiring employees? Tax Services Oahu provides personalized payroll services for local small businesses.

IRS letter or Notice

If you receive a letter from the IRs or the state, you need to act fast. Typically, the IRS gives you 21 days to respond to the letter. If you miss this deadline they will make their ruling without your side of the story. This can sometimes cost you money.

Late Tax Filing and Filing Extensions

Do not blow off your taxes! You might miss out on years of future credits and benefits. File for your refund each year on time before you are no longer able to amend the incomplete tax returns. Remain in good standing with the IRS.

It’s actually somewhat common to be in a bad spot with your taxes – and it’s usually because of not having a good tax preparer to begin with. If this is you – don’t stress out. Give us a call and we will see what it will take to get you get caught up.

Did you know that filing and extension with the IRS allows you to file late but you still have to pay any taxes expected to be due by the initial deadline? If you do not send in a check with the extension you will still be penalized.

An extension is for when you do not have information to complete the tax return, not because you don’t have the money to pay.

So what can you do if you can’t pay you taxes? At least file! Why? Because the penalty for not paying is very small – but the penalty for not filing is somewhat large. So file your taxes even if you can’t pay your taxes. It will likely save you a lot in penalties and other problems.

Hawaii Tax Guides:

Help with Hawaii Letter for General Excise / Transient Accommodation Tax

Did you receive a letter from Hawaii with an assessment for General Excise or Transient Accommodations tax? Here’s how to handle it.

Claiming The Hawaii Refundable Food/Excise Tax Credit

Lots of Hawaii Taxpayers miss the Hawaii Refundable Food/Excise Tax Credit when they prepare their state tax return. There has been some recent changes to this credit too. Here’s how to claim the credit and who qualifies for it.

The Hawaii Credit for Low Income Household Renters

Hawaii policy makers created a small renters’ tax credit for those with low to moderate income. This credit is claimed along with your Hawaii State Income Tax Return. See if you might qualify for the Hawaii Renters Tax Credit.

The IRS Called, is it a Scam?

Watch out for fake IRS scams – they are more aggressive and more believable than ever. They will call pretending to be the IRS and they will ask you for money. These scammers can be EXTREMELY convincing. The IRS will generally not call you and they will not ask you for payment information over the phone. Call with any questions if you receive something suspicious.

Amended Tax Returns

There are many reasons as to why it might benefit you to file an amended tax return. This article explores the top three.

Filing an Extension and Filing late

It’s much better to “file” and not “pay” your taxes than it is to not file your tax returns at all. Find out why. Some taxpayers believe that filing an extension gives them more time to pay their taxes without penalty. This is not always true and this is NOT why the IRS grants extension. An extension only gives you more time to file. You still are expected to pay in your estimated tax balance by the original deadline to avoid penalties and interest.

IRS Letter or Notice

Receiving a letter or notice form the IRS or the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation can be difficult to understand and stressful. In many cases, the IRS and the state are correct in their assessments. In some cases, however, they do not apply legitimate deductions and the tax they are asking for might be more than you actually need to pay. In this article we explain why you might get a letter from the IRS and what to do when you receive one.

Late Tax Filing Services

If you are behind on your tax filing, it is always a great idea to put some time aside to get caught up. You may be missing out on tax credits and potentially years of future tax benefits. In many cases, getting caught up on back taxes is not that difficult.

Tax Deductions That Build Wealth

There are a few legitimate tax deductions out there that will help to make you rich. These are  a”double whammy”. You get the instant gratification of paying less in taxes for right now and the “future you” will be more wealthy as well.

HARPTA – Guide to Hawaii Non Resident Property Sales

Hawaii will withhold 7.5% of the total sale of Hawaii property from non-residents. In some cases, sellers can reclaim some or all of this withholding and get a refund. Here’s how.

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