Business Tax Services and Consultation

Business taxes are complicated and time consuming

It’s ridiculous.

Filing your taxes should not be this treacherous.

We can help.

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Do you need a business tax consultation?

I’m always excited to talk to new clients who are starting or are already operating a business in Hawaii.

There’s something about being self employed that is exceptionally rewarding.

Not all new businesses take off, but many of them do, and I’ve literally seen clients transform their modest lifestyles into abundant ones.

I mean, I know it’s not all about the money.

But this doesn’t mean that you won’t find success, and I wish you the best.

Go go go.

Make it rain.

But you can’t afford to go forward blindly when it comes to handling your taxes.

There’s stuff that you really need to know.

For business owners, we offer a consultation, either online through “Google Meet” or in person, where we discuss the in-depth tax needs of your business and address your questions and concerns.

This business tax consultation includes instruction on bookkeeping, tax deductions, Hawaii GE Taxes, estimated tax planning, entity organization, tax mitigation, some possibly important business coaching items, and it also includes a question and answer session.

It’s like a one on one Hawaii business tax “clinic” designed to get you quickly and  fully up to speed.

We charge $350 for this consultation.

In some cases, this fee may be treated as a creditable retainer toward income tax services for income tax preparation for the same year for which the advice was provided.

The fee is otherwise not refundable or creditable to other services or tax years.

Note also that we do not offer these consultations from January through April. OMG – that’s during tax time.

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Why do we charge a fee for business tax consultations?

We charge because this is our best and most important service that we offer.

As a new business owner, you get a ton of value here. It pretty much solves your problems of not knowing how to handle your books and taxes.

We draw upon our Hawaii business tax experience and quickly bring to light everything we have learned over the last few decades about the things that you absolutely must know about your business taxes.

We used to provide this for free, actually, but it turned out that clients would just use us for free advice and go back to  their “unresponsive” tax preparer to file their taxes. The very same professional that ignored their questions. Which is why they came to us in the first place. So we would do all of the work and the “unresponsive professional” would make all of the revenue. This obviously did not work out well for us, considering that it costs us over $150 per hour in payroll and overhead just to open the door. You’re in business, I’m sure you understand that aspect of this struggle.

If you think you might want to hire us to help prepare your taxes, please contact us here.  Our email is and our phone number is 808-744-5314. Aloha.

For bookkeeping services, click here.

For payroll services, click here.

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