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We are proudly honoring military taxpayers and specializing in military tax situations, especially those with multiple state issues and those claiming the Military Spouse Residence Relief Act.

We also offer secure worldwide online services are available to all military taxpayers.

Open all year. Please call or email for an appointment in our office or for electronic services.

Thank you for your service! We specialize in military tax preparation and we have experience with complex state tax situations.

Are you away? We can complete your taxes completely by computer or smart phone. Just send us an email and we will take it from there.

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Military Tax Services in Hawaii – Pricing

Our fees for tax preparation depend on the complexity of your tax return.

What we offer our clients is value. When you hire us you get top quality client service and tax expertise that you would expect to get only if you had paid much more.

When it comes to keeping your information secure, I bet we do a better job with that too. I’ve witnessed some pretty careless actions from some of the employees that I’ve worked with at the big firms.

Military Tax Expertise

We are experienced when it comes to complex military state tax situations. Prior to starting my own practice,  I was an instructor and a manager for the biggest tax service company in the country. That was right here in Hawaii and I left on good terms. Our office was next to numerous military bases, and in my first few years I ended up with an intense crash course in figuring out all of the different, and sometimes bizarre, military state tax situations that were thrown at me.

I don’t claim to have memorized every situation, but you can be confident that I will research your situation thoroughly in order to create the most financially favorable situation for you while remaining compliant with the tax code.

Military Taxes in Hawaii and your State of Legal Residence

When figuring out where you have to pay state taxes, first you have to make sure that you know your state of legal residence. A lot of military taxpayers think that they can just change their paycheck records to whatever state they want, thus assigning their own “state of legal residence”. This is not correct.

To change your military “state of legal residence” you must submit form DD 2058 to your finance officer and have it approved. Your state of legal residence was assigned to you when (and often where) you enlisted.

If you were ordered into a tour of active duty in another state, your state of record will often be updated to that state. Perhaps the most interesting thing to note is that even if you are “stationed” somewhere else, your state of legal residence is still assigned as explained above.

Military State Tax Returns

For tax purposes, each state has different laws as far as where you have to file state taxes depending on your home state of record. To make things more complicated, each state also has different rules as to how much of your income is subject to state tax.

Adding again to the complexity, military spouses often end up taking local jobs in Hawaii where they have Hawaii State Tax withheld. Now that income (and any potential refund) has to be included in the picture as well.

Military individuals and families living or stationed in Hawaii? Please feel free to contact us with any of your tax questions.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out if I need to file Hawaii State Taxes for my direct sales business. I am a military spouse, not sure of which state I am a resident.

    1. Hello – thanks for the comment.

      If you wish to hire us to do your taxes, we can get this figured out for you. Our number is 808 744 5314.

      Please understand, however, that we can’t advise non-clients how to file in these cases. It’s not that we don’t want to help, but the liability would be monumental. We can only help you if we prepare and file your taxes for you.

      Thanks for your understanding, please call us if you need us.

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