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2022 Update:

We specifically serve s corporation/practitioner taxes only. We are at full capacity at this time and we are not taking clients. We will update this notice as needed.

Do you need to start running payroll?

Do-it-yourself payroll websites demand too much of your time and create many unexpected headaches – including large penalties.

On the other end, the “employee/HR solution” companies are extremely expensive and you have to commit to long-term contracts and large set-up fees.

We do everything

All you have to do is enter employee hours – it will take only seconds of your time each payday.

We file all of your payroll tax returns, make your payroll tax deposits, and take care of your payroll bookkeeping.

Our Plan

1) Just tell us that you are ready to hire, we will guide you through the data needed from your new employees – it’s easy.

2 ) Enter employee hours and write the checks (direct deposit is available for paychecks at no extra charge)

3 ) That’s it. We do everything else.


We specifically serve s corporation/practitioner taxes only. We are at full capacity at this time and can only take a very limited number and scope of new clients through attrition of our current clients.


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Tod A Marcus, EA – your dedicated payroll specialist – contact Tod today!

Hire and Manage Employees Effortlessly

  • Modern and professional payroll tax services from an experienced local EA (Tod A Marcus).
  • Personal and local service with the expertise and technology of the big payroll corporations.

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Our time for new clients becomes limited as deadlines approach. Please contact us early so we can be sure to help you.

We look forward to serving you.

Easy and Fast Payroll Services in Hawaii

With us as your payroll service, hiring employees and setting up payroll is neither expensive or difficult. As a business owner, this is something that you should not have to worry too much about it.

We manage and guide you through the process and makes sure you stay compliant.

We utilize the latest in modern payroll software, meaning streamlined payment of your employees, tax return filings, and deposits of withholding and other taxes.

Your employees get modern features such as an automatic direct deposit on payday and online access to their pay information. We also manage different pay rates, bonuses, and overtime for your employees. At the end of the year we send each of your employees their Form W2 and complete the additional necessary tax returns that need to be filed with the IRS.

Everything is E-filed – we take care of all of it and let you know that it is done.

Payroll Compliance

We do not recommend that run your own payroll with an online service.

Penalties for not filing your payroll tax returns, filing them incorrectly, or not depositing taxes on time are somewhat large. This is one area where it’s not good to be late, and it’s not worth the extra expense.

Plus, if a mistake is made somewhere, an unrelenting flow of IRS and state letters show up in the mail. It’s difficult to deal with these letters, and they create frustrating time costs and expensive representation costs.

The Cost of a Good Payroll Service

“Back in the day” when everything was computed and delivered by hand, payroll tax services would cost you an arm and a leg. Even if you only have a couple of employees. Over the years it seems like these prices never went down as the automation involved increased – and therefore we think most payroll services charge too much.

We offer reasonably priced, full service payroll, with caring customer service. If you are just starting out with hiring employees it is likely that you do not have too much extra money hanging around.

We can also bundle together all of your accounting and tax needs at all levels instead of having someone “nickel and dime” you for every little thing that you need.

Payroll Guides for Beginners

Guide to Hiring Employees in Hawaii

This guide is an introduction to running payroll in Hawaii and what it entails. Start here.

Should you get your under the table employees on the books? 

Still paying your employees in cash? While this used to be commonplace, modern electronics have made this a very risky practice. If you are paying employees under-the-books, please read this page.

Small Business Payroll – How to Pay Yourself 

Many new business owners are confused on how to take their own profits. Here’s a beginner’s guide.

Payroll and Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Requirements

This guide explains the Hawaii Unemployment Insurance system – which is also known as state unemployment tax (or SUTA).

Simple Guide to S Corporation Payroll Requirements

If you are running a profitable s corporation, it is very likely that you are required to run payroll and pay yourself a reasonable salary. With tax deposits, payroll tax returns, and payroll bookkeeping, payroll compliance can be a bit technical. Running payroll, however, meets the s corporation  requirement and it also creates a tax planning advantage to the owner/operator.

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